Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Game Analysis

-Objective is to get ball to reach the flag in each level by solving puzzles.
-Achieve this by drawing simple shapes to bridge gaps, push the ball, create ramps and levers, attaching objects to each other, and creating/deleting whatever is needed to progress.
Real-time Physics apply to the ball and other objects (created and existing) within the level.
-Controlled by drawing within the environment with mouse.

-Objective of the game is to get a requisite number of goo balls to a pipe
-Use the goo balls to construct bridges, towers, and other structures to overcome gravity and various terrain difficulties
-Control with mouse on pc, touch on iphone, wiimote.
-There are several types of goo balls in the game, each of which has unique properties
-Programmed using available open-source technologies, including Simple DirectMedia Layer, Open Dynamics Engine for physics simulation, TinyXML for configuration files, Subversion, Mantis Bug Tracker, and PopCap Games Framework.

-Objective is to fill truck with cargo and transport it from start to finish.
-Physics based, terrain varies and causes truck/cargo to shift and bounce. Higher speed = harder to control over bumps.
-Simple 2 button control on screen, or tilt device to control with accelerometer.
-Very quick to pick up, play, stop and resume.